Surf and More: The Incomparable Maui

Very few places in the world can compare with Maui as a surfing hotspot. It has the best beaches in creation and has always been one of the most popular destinations of surfers from all corners of the globe. However, Maui isn’t only about surfing. Here are several other exceptional things you may not know about Maui.

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It has a national park.

Yes, Maui is home to the Haleakala National Park, which is open 24/7. Established in 1916, the park is a vast expanse made for adventurers who enjoy camping and exploring. The summit is very much like that of a moon.

It has a state park as well.

For a different kind of exploration, the Wainapanapa State Park offers a black sand beach, sea archs, caves, and a blowhole. This is three hours from the Kahului Airport and a favorite spot for the well-rounded explorer.

It has a beautiful town.

It may come as a surprise to some that the most visited place in Maui is the town of Lahaina. It’s a party place with lots to do after sunset. There are various resorts which guests can book themselves in and enjoy Maui to the fullest.

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