The Different Types Of Surfboards And Their Uses

Surfboards come in all shapes and sizes. There are various surfboards for different uses, and they are categorized into five main types: Shortboard, Fish, Funboard, Longboard, and Gun.

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A shortboard is usually a three-fin, around 6 feet with a pointy nose. However, a shortboard can have any fin setup and still be called a shortboard. A shortboard works best in larger waves that are waist high to overhead. This type of board isn’t recommended for beginners since they trade off stability for maneuverability.


A Fish is a surfboard that’s generally under 6 feet long. It is characterized by a wide nose, wide tail with a swallow cut into it, and a float rocker. Fish works best in thigh high to overhead waves.


Funboards range between 6 and 9 feet long that have a wide nose. They’re designed for ease of riding in a variety of wave conditions. They work well in waves from knee high to overhead.


Longboards are 9 feet and longer and designed for ultimate stability and the best for beginners. These boards have a wide nose and a lot of volume, they are typically a single fin or 2+1. Longboards are best in ankle high to waves that are just overhead.

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This surfboard is designed for the best and skilled surfers. Their sizes can be much the same as the longboards, but no one would ever mistake a gun from a longboard. A gun has a pointy nose and a pointy tail and can have any fin setup. It is the most customized surfboard of them all and is reserved only for those who are serious surfers because they’re lives depend on it. Guns are for waves double overhead and up.

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