The Culinary Paradise That Is New York

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New York City is called the Big Apple because everyone wants to and can take a bite out of it. Sometimes, they mean that literally since there are countless establishments in the city with food that is to die for. Here are just some examples of the amazing restaurants you can find here.


For some authentic and avant-garde Japanese cooking, head out to Sakagura. Aside from the mouth-watering goodness of sushi, the restaurant has one of the most extensive sake (Japanese rice wine) collections in the country. It is a bit difficult to find though. Look for it in midtown.

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La Esquina

Another restaurant that is hidden from plain view of the masses, La Esquina is a lot more than just a taco resto. Head down to its basement and experience some of the best margarita cocktails on the East Coast. But yeah, the Mexican food is nothing short of special.

Mulberry Project

There’s an unmarked red door at the heart of Little Italy. At first glance, it looks like a residence. The interiors get to be a little stranger, as the ceiling is low. But don’t let that put you off because you’ll miss out on the fabulous cuisine and liquor.

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