The advantages in building your own home gym

New York City is a great place to live in. However, a lot of living spaces in the city are pretty small.  But that shouldn’t stop people from trying to build their own home gym.  Besides, there are plenty of furniture and equipment that can double as workout fixtures.d0edde2a583089c7633f2c08c807834a--home-gym-garage-garage-office

So, if you’re thinking twice about setting up your own home gym, don’t.  It’s doable, and there are a number of wonderful advantages to having one.  Let’s take a look at some of them.

Affordability:  Don’t let the initial cost of buying weights and equipment may deter you.  They’re investments.  Imagine you won’t need to apply for a gym membership again or have it renewed at the end of every year.  And if you have a car, a home gym saves you gas money.

Convenience:  Not only does a home gym allow you to work out in the convenience of your own home, if you’re anything like me, you’ll also be spared from sharing the gym with many rude people who hog machines and leave weights all over the place.

Customization:  My favorite part about owning a home gym is that you can create any gym you like.  If you’re into MMA or boxing, you can get a heavy bag and hang it in a corner.  You can also have a yoga area and a CrossFit-style HIIT space.

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Geek Paradise: New York For Comic Book Fans

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Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed reading comic books. The animation and movie adaptations that came from the Marvel and DC world have become a part of our lives. If you happen to be in New York, you would be pleased to know that the city has a pretty awesome geek culture. Here are some of the places you need to check out:

‘Art of the Avengers and other heroes’ exhibit

This exhibit, which will run until October 20, 2018, features artworks from Stan Lee and the late Jack Kirby. The goal of the exhibit is to show how the Marvel team has evolved over the years and how they kept their vast universe running. Young and young-at-heart fans will surely have a blast looking at the artwork from each year.

Forbidden Planet

Geek hideout Forbidden Planet started in London then went on to have branches in Wales, Ireland, and New York. Compared to other beloved comic book shops in New York City, this store embraces the different aspects of geek culture by selling shirts, and other comic book-related merchandise.

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Midtown Comics

Probably the biggest and most popular comic bookstore in the city, Midtown Comics is an icon on its own. You’ll find old and new titles on the shelves as well as manga and graphic novels. If you spend $100 in one day, the shop will reward you with $20 that you can use to buy more comic books. That’s probably one of the nicest things you can do for geeks like me.

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How Can Long boarding Help You Surf Better?

Surfing is not a sport for everybody. The logistics alone can stop a lot of people from pursuing this amazing sport. Surfing is not a cheap pastime. Even if you live near a good surf spot, a good surfboard can be expensive. Add to that the cost of getting lessons and board rental for people who are trying it out for the first time.

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If you want to learn how to surf but can’t take lessons regularly, you could be facing an uphill battle. That’s why some surfers get longboards as well. Longboards are great because they complement surfing thanks to how they are built. When you ride a longboard, your stance is almost similar to standing on a surfboard. And how you maneuver a longboard utilizes the same shifting motions.

Longboards are great because not everyone can surf every day, but everyone can longboard almost every day. As mentioned, if you stop surfing for a while, you get rusty. But if you longboard every day, you consistently practice your stances, how you move, and how you carve.

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Finding your center of gravity is always a crutch to newbies in surfing. Longboarding can help you practice your balance as well as your coordination. When you get familiar with your longboard, you instinctively learn how to distribute your weight, find a comfortable stance, and burn that into your muscles.

Hi, I’m John Clemenza, a surfer from Hawaii. I’m training every day to prepare myself for the semi-pro scene. I’d also like to visit New York some time and maybe retire there. Visit my blog for more surfing updates.


Test The Waves At These Southeast Asian Hotspots

As a child of the ocean, I make it a point to spend as much time with the waves as I can. I love surfing, and I love the water. And while I’ve lived in Hawaii for the past few years, and while I know Hawaii is the surfing capital of the world, there are other great places to explore (Hello, New York!). One of the regions I have done a bit of research on, and plan to visit next year (hopefully) is Southeast Asia.

Sipadan 3.jpg
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Places like Pulau Sipadan in Malaysia beckon tourists and ocean lovers alike. Pulau Sipadan is sort of an exclusive area that allows a maximum of 120 divers daily, which is a great idea to preserve its pristine waters. It’s also home to turtle, reef sharks, and colorful fish.

In Myanmar, you can find the Mergui Archipelago. The entire area is a part of the Andaman Sea. There are 800 little islands in the archipelago that make for quite an ocean experience. People can surf or snorkel, or even kayak. However, most tourists go through the cruise safaris, which are amazing.

Another place you can visit in Southeast Asia is Raja Ampat in Indonesia. There are around 1,500 islands in the archipelago. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more picturesque island paradise in the world.
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Hi there! My name’s John Clemenza. I’m a sufer from Oahu, Hawaii. I started learning to surf when I was 7. For more surfing tips, visit my blog.

New York Street Food You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

What’s a New York City tour without sampling its world-renowned street food and food carts? Here’s a quick review of the best that the NYC street food scene has to offer.
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For starters, eating from a genuine street cart is an unforgettable experience in the city, where people standing in long lines, come from wide range of backgrounds and incomes and have their own favorite dishes to order. Manhattan is an excellent place for this mission, offering anything from the Kwik Meat Cart serving lamb and green papaya, to The Halal Guys giving street diners a fix of their favorite gyro and falafel.

Trini Paki Boys is noteworthy for their stew saltfish and jerk chicken, while Biryani Cart offers what arguably are the best Kati rolls in town. Yolanda’s Tamales are real tamales such as those found in Mexico – a real gem located at 145th St & Broadway.

Have you heard of Wafels & Dinges? They have a whole line of sweet and savory waffles to choose from. The Cinnamon Snail, on the other hand, opens during special events but is so worth the wait with an impressive vegan fare. Melt Bakery is a heavenly mix of cookies and ice cream, and one can’t get enough the red velvet melt cakes with delectable cream cheese ice cream.

New York is never short of diversity indeed, and visitors are always in for a surprise including stuffed Salvadoran corn tortillas at Solber Pupusas, juicy lobster sandwiches at Red Hook Lobster Pound, and Milk Truck’s roster of American comfort foods such as mac and cheese and turkey chili.

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John Clemenza is a surfer from Oahu, Hawaii, who enjoys eating and dreams of conquering the urban jungle, particularly New York. More on John’s interests here.

The Health Benefits Of Surfing

Riding the waves is not just about having fun and enjoying the sun. There are many benefits surfing can offer to both your body and mind.

Surfing greatly aids in cardiovascular fitness, improving our backs, legs, and shoulders as one both stands on the surfboard and paddles back and forth from shore to wave. It is also an intense upper body and core workout that is great for the heart.

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Aside from having our muscles and our balance improved by surfing, the sport also increases our flexibility. To begin with, you need to be a strong and flexible swimmer to become a better surfer and avoid any injuries.

As a fun activity, it combats stress and promotes better sleep after a full day of water-based exercising. If you’re experiencing a lot of stress at work or at home, surfing provides an avenue for release and for shunning away worries while you conquer those waves.

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Surfing is also a way to give ourselves a healthy dose of vitamin D. Being under the sun provides us with this vitamin that’s essential for having strong bones. Vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, as well as helps in the growth of skin cells.

Surfing is not the easiest of sports to master; you’d need time, focus, commitment, and perseverance to progress. But once you’ve become good, surfing becomes a testament to your inner drive to achieve your goals.

Hi there! My name isJohn Clemenza, and I’m a surfer from Oahu, Hawaii. I dream of chasing waves in New York one of these days. For more surfing reads, visit this blog.

Surf and More: The Incomparable Maui

Very few places in the world can compare with Maui as a surfing hotspot. It has the best beaches in creation and has always been one of the most popular destinations of surfers from all corners of the globe. However, Maui isn’t only about surfing. Here are several other exceptional things you may not know about Maui.

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It has a national park.

Yes, Maui is home to the Haleakala National Park, which is open 24/7. Established in 1916, the park is a vast expanse made for adventurers who enjoy camping and exploring. The summit is very much like that of a moon.

It has a state park as well.

For a different kind of exploration, the Wainapanapa State Park offers a black sand beach, sea archs, caves, and a blowhole. This is three hours from the Kahului Airport and a favorite spot for the well-rounded explorer.

It has a beautiful town.

It may come as a surprise to some that the most visited place in Maui is the town of Lahaina. It’s a party place with lots to do after sunset. There are various resorts which guests can book themselves in and enjoy Maui to the fullest.

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Why surfers shouldn’t take stretching for granted

Stretching plays a vital role in any sport. Athletes know all too well that not being flexible enough perform techniques can cause various injuries. For high-performance surfing, physical flexibility is very important—almost a requirement—to last a long time enjoying the tides.

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While other sports have you in contact with other athletes, surfing is as unpredictable as the water it treads on, having you splash against the tide and thrown in the current. Warming up loosens the tension in the muscles and helps you get ready to hit the waves. How you warm up, train, and cool down are integral phases to stay in good shape for surfing.

Accidents are inevitable, but stretching and surfing with good level flexibility lessens your chances of having muscle-related injuries. Good posture is a must, too. How your feet land on the board is another issue that requires much attention, as strains, sprains, and joint dislocation is mostly caused by bad board contact.

Increasing the ability of your spine to flex, extend, and rotate more efficiently, takes a lot of stress from your hips and knees, as your weight is distributed well to other muscles of the body. People often think that cooling down isn’t as important as warming up; this is absolutely wrong. Stretching after surfing relieves tension in the muscles. It would be best to maintain a conscious effort to soften the upper body, relax the shoulders and the arms, and think as if you’re just walking on the street; keep everything soft and free.

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Hi there! I’m John Clemenza, and I’m a surfer from Oahu, Hawaii. My parents introduced me to the sport when I was 7, and I’ve been in love with surfing since. Despite living in Hawaii, I still dream of conquering New York City. Follow my blog for more surfing tips.

The Culinary Paradise That Is New York

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New York City is called the Big Apple because everyone wants to and can take a bite out of it. Sometimes, they mean that literally since there are countless establishments in the city with food that is to die for. Here are just some examples of the amazing restaurants you can find here.


For some authentic and avant-garde Japanese cooking, head out to Sakagura. Aside from the mouth-watering goodness of sushi, the restaurant has one of the most extensive sake (Japanese rice wine) collections in the country. It is a bit difficult to find though. Look for it in midtown.

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La Esquina

Another restaurant that is hidden from plain view of the masses, La Esquina is a lot more than just a taco resto. Head down to its basement and experience some of the best margarita cocktails on the East Coast. But yeah, the Mexican food is nothing short of special.

Mulberry Project

There’s an unmarked red door at the heart of Little Italy. At first glance, it looks like a residence. The interiors get to be a little stranger, as the ceiling is low. But don’t let that put you off because you’ll miss out on the fabulous cuisine and liquor.

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How to make the perfect smoothie

Smoothies are not only vitamin-packed, but they’re also very delicious. It’s a great way to start the day, and they’re really easy to make.

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Here’s how you can make the perfect smoothie:

Find the right ratio

Smoothies are fairly straightforward to make. The key is to get the right proportions for the base and then choosing your favorite ingredients to add to it. Here’s the recipe for the base of a smoothie:

  • ½ to 1 whole banana
  • 1 to 2 cups greens (you can substitute fruit)
  • ½ to 1 cup water or liquid
  • ½ ice

After you’ve finished making the base, you can add other ingredients for flavor, texture, and nutritive benefits such as:

  • Frozen or fresh fruit: ¼ to ½ cup of your favorite varieties
  • Protein or healthy fat: 1 scoop of protein powder, 1 tablespoon of nut or seed butter, or ¼ avocado
  • Crunch or texture: chia seeds or nuts
  • Herbs and spices: 1/8 to ¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, or whatever else you like to spice things up with
  • Sweetener: Honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar

Just remember that more ingredients don’t necessarily mean a better smoothie. Choose flavors that will work together, you can experiment with them if you don’t have a preference.

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My name’s John Clemenza, and I’m a surfer from Hawaii. I work part-time at a smoothie station near Waikiki Beach. I love New York and hope to retire there someday. Visit this link for more on me.