How Can Long boarding Help You Surf Better?

Surfing is not a sport for everybody. The logistics alone can stop a lot of people from pursuing this amazing sport. Surfing is not a cheap pastime. Even if you live near a good surf spot, a good surfboard can be expensive. Add to that the cost of getting lessons and board rental for people who are trying it out for the first time.

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If you want to learn how to surf but can’t take lessons regularly, you could be facing an uphill battle. That’s why some surfers get longboards as well. Longboards are great because they complement surfing thanks to how they are built. When you ride a longboard, your stance is almost similar to standing on a surfboard. And how you maneuver a longboard utilizes the same shifting motions.

Longboards are great because not everyone can surf every day, but everyone can longboard almost every day. As mentioned, if you stop surfing for a while, you get rusty. But if you longboard every day, you consistently practice your stances, how you move, and how you carve.

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Finding your center of gravity is always a crutch to newbies in surfing. Longboarding can help you practice your balance as well as your coordination. When you get familiar with your longboard, you instinctively learn how to distribute your weight, find a comfortable stance, and burn that into your muscles.

Hi, I’m John Clemenza, a surfer from Hawaii. I’m training every day to prepare myself for the semi-pro scene. I’d also like to visit New York some time and maybe retire there. Visit my blog for more surfing updates.


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