Test The Waves At These Southeast Asian Hotspots

As a child of the ocean, I make it a point to spend as much time with the waves as I can. I love surfing, and I love the water. And while I’ve lived in Hawaii for the past few years, and while I know Hawaii is the surfing capital of the world, there are other great places to explore (Hello, New York!). One of the regions I have done a bit of research on, and plan to visit next year (hopefully) is Southeast Asia.

Sipadan 3.jpg
Image source: planet-berita.blogspot.com

Places like Pulau Sipadan in Malaysia beckon tourists and ocean lovers alike. Pulau Sipadan is sort of an exclusive area that allows a maximum of 120 divers daily, which is a great idea to preserve its pristine waters. It’s also home to turtle, reef sharks, and colorful fish.

In Myanmar, you can find the Mergui Archipelago. The entire area is a part of the Andaman Sea. There are 800 little islands in the archipelago that make for quite an ocean experience. People can surf or snorkel, or even kayak. However, most tourists go through the cruise safaris, which are amazing.

Another place you can visit in Southeast Asia is Raja Ampat in Indonesia. There are around 1,500 islands in the archipelago. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more picturesque island paradise in the world.

Image source: cnn.com

Hi there! My name’s John Clemenza. I’m a sufer from Oahu, Hawaii. I started learning to surf when I was 7. For more surfing tips, visit my blog.

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