Warming yourself up for the waves

Who doesn’t love surfing? There isn’t a person alive who’s tried it and didn’t like it. I mean, come on, what can compare to the thrill of riding those powerful ocean waves like a boss? But of course, we all know that it takes a bit of strength and stability to stay on the board the entire time. It’s a physically demanding hobby, and just like any sport, it requires that you stretch and warm up first.

Image source: leaftv.com

After doing a few minutes of jogging in place, it’s time to stretch all the muscles that need stretching – meaning all the muscles. Start with your shoulders since they’re probably the most used muscle group in surfing (shoulders and core that is). Let your chest get into the stretch, followed by the arms, the back, the core, and finally the legs. Don’t skimp on the joints.

Cramping is a huge obstacle for surfers, which means you need to get your blood flowing. A set of squats should prep your legs. Ballistic (explosive) stretching of the arms at the shoulder joints (mimic the butterfly stroke) should get everything nice and flexible. Rotate your hips by imagining you’re doing the hula without the hoop. This should get your midsection ready.

The rest of the warm-up exercises will come as you paddle your board to your starting point.

Image source: tribord.co.uk

My name’s John Clemenza. I’m from Oahu, Hawaii and I’m all about surfing. Check out this blog for more surfing talk.